The connection of practices to needed business outcomes--is the most important digital age learning strategy--aligning employee and customer journeys.

The toolbox of corporate learning now looks more like culture improvement and transformation than old school training. Digital age learning is centered in the workplace, not the classroom. Micro-learning, employee engagement, and habit stacking are central tools for improving organizational performance.

Talent Management For Business Outcomes

Our Culture Platform can be configured into Learning Community hubs that target specific groups (new hires, a department, manager, leadership, etc.). Or enterprise-wide just in time habits. Our programs can leverage your subject matter experts (or existing learning content) or use many of our ‘battle-tested’ learning campaigns.



Cloud based virtual community–web and mobile app. Includes Big Data tech stack, enterprise security, and next gen culture metrics.


Dedicated creative, community strategy, and micro-learning campaign services. The services are central to engaging employees and driving business outcomes.


Feature and highlight only useful and meaningful content with just in time agile services–align customer and employee journey needs


Curated user submitted content to model, reward and recognize desired behavior/best practice change.