New Upgrade builds on current success, further improving culture and learning programs for more than 1 million users in 117 countries, to be demonstrated this week at NAHRES20 event for select HR executives

​​Arnowitz Culture Agency​ (ACA) today announced the release of its twelfth-generation Arnowitz Culture Engine (ACE12). With ACE12, ACA introduces next-generation culture analytics, micro-learning, and rich mobile app functionality 1for Apple iOS and Android devices. The new capabilities build on the success of the Arnowitz Culture Engine ten-year history of improving company performance through culture change, employee engagement, and learning programs for more than 1 million users in 117 countries.

ACA, a sponsor of the North American HR Executive Summit (NAHRES20), will demonstrateACE12 at its booth throughout the event. The summit, for senior HR executives, is being held January 27-28, at the Omni Orlando Resort at Champions Gate in Orlando, FL.

Complete Solution for Driving Business Outcomes
ACE is a first-of-a-kind employee engagement solution that brings together a cloud-based platform with curation, moderation, and editorial services. The platform’s rich capabilities have led to ACA’s recognition as one of the “10 Most Promising Employee Engagement Solution Providers – 2019” by ​CIO Review​ and one of the “Top 10 Employee Engagement Consulting/Services Companies – 2019” by ​HR Tech Outlook​.

Past generations of the ACE platform have focused on breaking down barriers to communication and trust—enabling companies to invigorate and live their values. The next evolution of ACE focuses on engagement and the effectiveness of client efforts to improve selected behaviors and correlated business outcomes through three new developments.

Culture Analytics​
ACE12 sets a foundation for a new class of culture analytics and metrics that are focused on digital age pain points: improving individual, team and organizational capabilities in agile processes, emotional intelligence, cultural intelligence, and design thinking.Instead of targeting a one-size-fits-all approach, ACE12 enables a more personalized approach that meets individuals or groups at their own learning, skill, role and experience levels.

With ACE12, micro-learning is applied and measured in simple experiential activities instead of time-consuming and ineffective classroom training. The platform enables metric report cards and dashboards that can contextualize performance targets and progress rather than simply measuring basic participation or knowledge checks. Instead of targeting a one-size-fits-all approach, ACE12 enables a personalized approach that adapts to manager/employee needs and client business outcomes.

New Mobile Apps​
The ACE12 next-generation mobile experience begins with Apple iOS and Android apps that integrate personalized moderation, curation, and creative services. Designed to support the individual needs of employees, managers and executives, the mobile apps feature content and calls to action that are personalized for users as business outcomes require. Dashboard gauges and graphs visually report if a user, group or organization is performing on target and/or trending in the right direction. ACE12 mobile apps can be customized with the company brand, and they can be set up with an enterprise’s single sign-on(SSO) system or other corporate applications.

Building on Success.
“Today, over 6,000 locations in 117 countries rely on our ACE platform and services to continuously improve their business performance through our moderated employee engagement that is designed to change behavior and culture,” said Burt Arnowitz,founder, CEO of Arnowitz Culture Agency. “With ACE12, we are adding even more functionality to enhance this results-driven engagement through improved content and analytics personalization.”

“Our ACE platform is already playing an important role in driving the success of organizations—as exemplified by our largest client, which has seen higher customer loyalty scores after having 82,000 employees opt onto the platform,” said David Arnowitz, co-founder and chief technology and strategy officer at Arnowitz Culture Agency. “The new mobile applications available with ACE12 will facilitate enterprises’ ability to accelerate adoption and engagement by making information available on users’ platforms of choice.”

About Arnowitz Culture Agency
Arnowitz Culture Agency (ACA) ​provides end-to-end employee development solutions that create, leverage and sustain individual, team and corporate performance without companies needing additional headcount or big investments in technologies​. To date, ACA has positively impacted hundreds of thousands of users across more than 117 countries and earned over 200US and international awards. The company’s solutions enable clients to optimize their business performance through culture change, employee engagement, corporate cause initiatives, talent management, and corporate communications. These solutions are delivered through a range of services, including web and app design and development; social network and social media;media production, training/social learning program design and development; and metrics,analytics, and reporting.

Media Contact
Shifali Erasmus
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CIOReview highlights companies that are at the forefront of offering employee engagement solutions as low unemployment rates drive organizations to think creatively

Sausalito, CA – November 20, 2019 – Arnowitz Culture Agency (ACA) today announced that the company has been named one of the “10 Most Promising Employee Engagement Solution Providers – 2019” by CIOReview. ACA and nine other companies were recognized in the CIOReview HR Edition, which was published on October 21, 2019.

“The world of HR software is rapidly evolving as low unemployment rates are driving organizations to think creatively when it comes to attracting and retaining employees,” Justin Smith, CIOReview managing editor, observed in the HR Edition Editor’s Note. “Acknowledging these trends, CIO proudly presents its special edition on HR solutions providers that are transforming the business landscape with its innovative solutions. At the focus of this edition is Arnowitz Culture Agency—a company that designs, implements and provides impact metrics for solutions encompassing cultural change, employee engagement, corporate cause, talent management, and corporate communications.”

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HR Tech Outlook magazine highlights the innovative employee engagement solution providers who are at the vanguard of accelerating the digital transformation of the industry.

Sausalito, CA – May 20, 2019Arnowitz Culture Agency (ACA) today announced that the company has been named one of the “Top 10 Employee Engagement Consulting/Services Companies – 2019” by HR Tech Outlook. In determining this year’s list, the magazine turned to a panel of chief executive officers (CEOs), chief human resource officers (CHROs), and analysts. The panel selected ACA and nine other companies “based on their passion to drive innovation in the field of employee engagement and their commitment to guiding organizations to the next level.” The 2019 list was published on April 19, 2019 in the HR Tech Outlook Employee Engagement Special edition.

“Several studies and research over the last few years have shown that organizations that dedicate themselves to employee engagement have outpaced their competitors,” Hanna Wilson, HR Tech Outlook managing editor, observed in the Employee Engagement Special edition Editor’s Note. “In this new era of new age technologies, we highlight the innovative employee engagement solution providers who are at the vanguard of accelerating the digital transformation of the industry.”

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The growing complaints from workforces and customers across the world is amazingly similar no matter the industry.

  • “I do not have enough time.”
  • “They are throwing too much training (or reports, or customer data, etc.) at me.”
  • “Goals are changing too fast (or not fast enough).”
  • “No one cares what I think and/or know.”

Employees and teams struggle to keep up with the blinding speed of the delivery of information, big data insights, disruptive technologies, evolving communication channels, and cultural diversity issues.

The digital transformation strategy was meant to help employees battle these issues, but in many ways, it has accelerated the problems. Employees need the right habits to prioritize, collaborate, create and curate actionable information into successful business results. Businesses often focus on speed and excellence in using and acting on customer insights. Instead, how about acting on employee development insights? The employee journey (investments in developing habits) ensures employee collaboration, engagement, creativity, and innovation can quickly adapt to organizational and market changes. Aligning employee and customer journeys has become the most critical challenge facing global business today. Succeeding in only one of these two journeys creates a severe competitive disadvantage.

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Why are leadership development programs failing at most companies? Deborah Rowland helps answer the question with insights on why classroom-based learning models must be replaced by “journey-based” models. The current failures of traditional leadership development training/programs are rooted in the industrial training methodologies of the university. Ms. Rowland’s research and practice have supported the need to evolve leadership training into experiential programs that aim to change the habits and behaviors of future leaders. We agree that emotional intelligence theory has a great role to play in this new learning, but ACA research and practice has determined that cultural intelligence theory is a more powerful predictor of superior leadership performance and results. Still, Ms Rowland’s work is clearly a powerful improvement over the status quo.

Why is corporate culture now seen as the leading engine of company performance? That’s the topic of Ricardo Semler’s Ted talk, which has been seen more than 2 million times. He proposes that corporate culture and the foundation of learning must realign to the new realities of the digital age: people’s humanity, not machine efficiencies are the core competitive advantage. As Peter Drucker said, “doing the right thing,” deliberating and choosing what to do or not do next is the humanizing decision that defines great cultures with aligned values. Semler looks to redefine that process. How can your company culture be hacked toward this new thinking?

George Westerman is a principal research scientist with the MIT Sloan Initiative on the Digital Economy. He is at the forefront of digital transformation research driving companies all over the world. He discusses the impact of technology changes on business management in this recent Management Review article. His nod to the importance of corporate culture is noteworthy. People, and the organizational culture that contains them, are always at the heart of sustained business success, Technology and data-driven innovations must be accompanied by corporate culture innovations to build and sustain their positive impact.

There have been repeated attempts to save annual employee performance appraisals from the trash heap of failed corporate HR policies. For companies participating in the digital age, it is another example of good intentions from the industrial age that do not fit anymore. The HBR article by Peter Cappelli and Anna Travis explore this failure in detail and why it continues to persist. The question still to be settled is: What is the best way to replace the 50+ year old practice?

A new paradigm in corporate learning circles is emerging. Say goodbye to the classroom and hello to the learning journey. A new article in Chief Learning Officer magazine describes the reinvention of corporate learning into the corporate culture function. It proposes that chief learning officers become chief culture officers, and the learning and development (L&D) department become people and engagement (P&E). Meanwhile, learning needs to change from a one-act classroom event to an ongoing learning journey that strengthens and sustains the company culture. This is a complete reshaping of corporate learning programs into culture campaign programs. It is an excellent article.

[This post is part of a series called Exploring Cultural Intelligence written by David Arnowitz, co-founder of Arnowitz Culture Agency. The series will explore the problem and solution spaces that encompass the field of Cultural intelligence. Cultural intelligence research is central to the ACA approach of corporate culture/performance improvement programs]

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