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Four Insights to Better Microlearning

If you want to deploy learning that will drive performance improvement, it must be tied to creating and/or improving employee habits.

Micro-learning has spawned thousands of efforts to create self-serve YouTube libraries. Still, others are taking old eLearning courses, chopping them up into smaller chunks, and calling that micro-learning. Some of these efforts may have some limited value for companies. But these efforts fail to get to the heart of most learning improvement program shortcomings—the lack of changing and sustaining employee habits.

After 20+ years of running various cutting-edge learning programs—our program practice data and the latest neuroscience understanding of human performance have led to four insights that drive predictable performance improvement in the digital age (see diagram below).

These insights made clear that the failure to act on one of these insights would lead to dramatically more inferior results. Micro-learning as a concept is popular because everyone is acutely aware that current longer-form corporate training programs underwhelm people. But, the problem is not just the size of the content—it’s translating the ‘knowledge into one’s habits.

All four insights require this habit-first perspective. And all four insights need to be accounted for in any effective performance improvement training solution.

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Habit Stacking and The Power of Tiny Habits

“To create a new habit, you must first simplify the behavior. Make it tiny, even ridiculous. Good tiny behavior is easy to do—and fast. ”
BJ Fogg – founder of the Behavior Design Lab at Stanford University

Employees and managers feel the constant pressure to adapt and improve. New digital tools, data streams, constantly evolving customer needs, and competitor changes often make people within business organizations stressed and overwhelmed. More and more requests are added to their schedule every day.

More than ever, it is critical to find systematic ways to improve that take small investments and small improvements that stack over time. Tiny habits to improve the use of essential digital tools, making data easily actionable, or just simple improvement of the collaboration abilities of your team.

habitAMP is a solution tailored to these needs. Watch the following video introduction to get a sense of how habitAMP works its magic to improve performance with small efforts quickly.

The four components of the habitAMP platform help ensure that your performance improvement needs are met:

You might use the program to make concrete progress on:

  • Culture change program
  • Improve technology adoption of a new business application (or refresh a long-existing tool)
  • Sustain or improve a just completed (or long ago completed) training program

The program aligns, engages, and motivates your teams on tangible business outcomes from day one of the program.

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Introducing Micro-Habit Builder – habitAMP

Arnowitz Culture Agency announces the Launch of the habitAMP platform. The platform will launch with a series of turnkey subscription products targeted at improving team performance through the development of micro-habits. The program requires only five minutes per week of user’s time to get results.

The product will be sold as 12-, 24-, 36- or 48-week subscriptions.
It can be used for any size team over 15 members with customizable enterprise options for the team over 500 in size.

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