CIOReview highlights companies that are at the forefront of offering employee engagement solutions as low unemployment rates drive organizations to think creatively

Sausalito, CA – November 20, 2019 – Arnowitz Culture Agency (ACA) today announced that the company has been named one of the “10 Most Promising Employee Engagement Solution Providers – 2019” by CIOReview. ACA and nine other companies were recognized in the CIOReview HR Edition, which was published on October 21, 2019.

“The world of HR software is rapidly evolving as low unemployment rates are driving organizations to think creatively when it comes to attracting and retaining employees,” Justin Smith, CIOReview managing editor, observed in the HR Edition Editor’s Note. “Acknowledging these trends, CIO proudly presents its special edition on HR solutions providers that are transforming the business landscape with its innovative solutions. At the focus of this edition is Arnowitz Culture Agency—a company that designs, implements and provides impact metrics for solutions encompassing cultural change, employee engagement, corporate cause, talent management, and corporate communications.”

In its profile of ACA, CIOReview observes that the Arnowitz Culture Engine (ACE) platform “is a first-of-a-kind employee engagement solution that is made up of four components: 1) a SaaS-based cloud technology, 2) curation services, 3) moderation services, and 4) editorial services.” The publication goes on to explain that, “While the technology aspect enables the creation of virtual global communities and encourages peer-to-peer experiences, the three services are ‘gears’ that drive the engagement campaigns and desired performance outcomes.”

“The evidence from our more successful programs over the last ten years points to the need for all four elements of our ACE platform. Notably, our largest client has more than 82,000 opt-in users on ACE across 100-plus countries, which has resulted in both higher customer loyalty scores and a rise in the J.D. Power Guest Satisfaction rankings,” said Burt Arnowitz, founder, CEO, and chief creative officer of Arnowitz Culture Agency. “We are honored by the recognition from CIOReview, which we see as validation of our clients’ success in using our solutions to drive the employee engagement that translates into better business performance.”

The CIOReview profile of ACA also examines how ACA services enable behavior change of people and organizations by running campaigns that have four distinct stages: awareness, engagement, impact, and iteration.

The magazine notes that, “These campaigns work like Couch to 5k runner training apps, that build habits and improve performance with simple to follow weekly plans, activities, feedback, and rewards. This journey-based approach allows enterprises to have a framework for creating ‘doable bite-sized actions in sprints’.” These actions can be measured over time, combining small milestones with brief peer-level education and measurement for insights.

“The longevity and success we have seen in the adoption of our ACE platform is due to our close partnership with clients, helping them to implement important initiative campaigns, achieve their KPI targets, and continuously improve business performance through behavior and culture change,” said David Arnowitz, co-founder and chief technology and strategy officer at Arnowitz Culture Agency. “We are excited by CIOReview’s recognition of our innovation in combining technology, strategy and services to foster creativity and cultivate employee habits that generate better business results.”

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