If you want to deploy learning that will drive performance improvement, it must be tied to creating and/or improving employee habits.

Micro-learning has spawned thousands of efforts to create self-serve YouTube libraries. Still, others are taking old eLearning courses, chopping them up into smaller chunks, and calling that micro-learning. Some of these efforts may have some limited value for companies. But these efforts fail to get to the heart of most learning improvement program shortcomings—the lack of changing and sustaining employee habits.

After 20+ years of running various cutting-edge learning programs—our program practice data and the latest neuroscience understanding of human performance have led to four insights that drive predictable performance improvement in the digital age (see diagram below).

These insights made clear that the failure to act on one of these insights would lead to dramatically more inferior results. Micro-learning as a concept is popular because everyone is acutely aware that current longer-form corporate training programs underwhelm people. But, the problem is not just the size of the content—it’s translating the ‘knowledge into one’s habits.

All four insights require this habit-first perspective. And all four insights need to be accounted for in any effective performance improvement training solution.

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