Everyone agrees corporate culture development is important. But how can you tell if a culture change program is working? How can you see if there is any real business impact? How can you measure culture ROI?

David Arnowitz shares insights from his company’s successes in creating a Culture ROI framework in a video from the Shocase presents Creatively Speaking podcast series hosted by Debra Carney.

Earlier this year, David was selected by Shocase (the ‘Linkedin’ for the global marketing, design and branding community) to be part of its Thought Leaders group.  As part of his role, he was asked to participate in the Shocase presents Creatively Speaking podcast series. This video is an excerpt from that podcast. In it David is asked about a wide range of issues affecting company culture, internal branding, cultural intelligence, and the impact of culture on business performance. The whole podcast can be found here.

Arnowitz Culture Agency has been helping companies identify, measure and drive Culture ROI for 10-plus years—impacting more than 300,000 users, in over 100 countries for large multinational brands. Our work has won more than 200 awards of excellence for design, web applications, learning programs, and multi-media communications.